Why is English Important for Moroccan Students: An Exchange Lab Perspective

First and foremost, it must be recognized that English is the international language of politics and commerce. It is also the premier language for disseminating news and information across the globe.

Morocco is widely seen as a country on the cusp of economic explosion. There is a challenge, however, inherent in the fact that it strides a divide between pressing forward toward economic success and carefully and respectfully retaining its centuries-old culture. So, the question becomes how to achieve one while hanging on to the other successfully?

A Fractured World

The world is in a state of nervous anxiety. To its national credit, Morocco has used its political stability to create a space for itself above the current chaos, where it is seeking to invite the world in.   Industry around the world looking to expand into Africa with a solid footprint are answering this invitation and that means an increased demand for the English language in everyday Morocco business.

Though it remains the third language in the Kingdom, after Arabic and French, English is making important and steady strides.  Anyone looking to the future recognizes that English is a necessary acquisition for prosperity. It is a pragmatic step for anyone wishing to partake of the prosperity the future is promising.

Building Bridges

The cure for such a fractured world is building bridges and one way to achieve this is through a common language.  It’s a proven fact that when cultures are shared, points of similarity are discovered and it is within these points that progress is made.  Dividing lines which separate us begin to shrink when we discover that we are actually more alike than we are different.  The differences which remain become consigned to the category of seasoning, cultural flavouring to be celebrated together.

The primary goal of Exchange Lab is to build bridges for our students which will, in turn, help them build bigger and better bridges according to their own life plans. For us, English is the bridge building tool we use. Prosperous individuals lead to prosperous cities and then prosperous nations.  We believe that the acquisition of English is a critical part of building prosperous lives for our students.

We also acknowledge that our goal cannot be realized if our students aren’t successful. This is why we have taken such great pains to design an original curriculum that perfectly matches our approach. It is also why we follow up with our students to chart their success after graduation.

There are literally thousands of sharp, hungry young Moroccan minds standing ready to change their world for the better. Exchange Lab is the first of many bridges on that journey.

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